Gratis undervisningsmateriale

Gymnasielærer Sarah Louise Bue Lund har udviklet gratis materiale til brug i engelsk.

Download fra - et site udviklet af UNDP's nordiske kontor i Danmark, Globale Gymnasier og Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke/VerdensKlasse med støtte fra Danidas Oplysningsbevilling. 

In 1987, the United Nations created a vision for our common future: one Earth, where we could all live together without damaging the planet for future generations. 


In this short-fiction anthology, ten authors look another thirty years into the future, giving their perspectives regarding how we might—or might not—adapt to the changes around us in the year 2047.


As citizens on this blue planet of ours, we are currently experiencing great changes when it comes to global warming, pollution, and toxic substances that end up in our food and our drinking water. In addition, flora and fauna are disappearing from the places where we played when we were children, and natural resources are being depleted around the world.


Life as we know it is changing. Some say these changes are happening faster than ever, which means we need to adapt faster too. So are we? 

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